Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bowling Philosophy

You know how we bowl side by side, one eye on the scoreboard as we squint down the bowling lane, wondering how many pins will fall to our superior skill? 

What do you think would happen if we stopped bending over and squinting down our respective lanes, and instead of swearing at the ball for 3 whole seconds, we took that time to smile at a fellow bowler, and laughed when the ball went into the drain? Or winked when a fellow bowler got a strike or a spare?

What if we stopped racing, tried not to think of only the final score? What if we bowled just for the fun of it and made friends along the way? 

What if we stopped scrutinising the other's playing technique and just nodded warmly as the other picked up a bowling ball next to us?

What if life was like bowling: its path the bowling lane, fellow bowlers the people we meet along the way, the bowling ball our efforts and work, the pins the returns we get, and the scoreboard our competitive nature? 

What if the act of bowling was bigger than the game? What if living was bigger than being alive?


rainfield61 said...

What if we are just a grasshopper, a bird, or an insect in the wild,

what if...

Life is so tough if loaded with so many what if.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I think that 3 seconds yelling is fun too..

Me-shak said...

Competition is good, doing what you say we should is way better :D Interesting thoughts as all ways.


Chavie said...

Haha, agree with K. :D Nice post Losh.

Gadgetgirl said...

if life was bowling, i hope my ball of happiness doesn't go off the gutter too often. :I

Loshini said...

Lolx. Yep. What If. The immense power in those two words said together eh?

Hi5! :D

The difficulty lies in drawing the line btwn healthy competition and it becoming all-encompassing :S

Thanks :) I enjoy the swearing under my breath too..makes the blood race a bit.. hehe :)

Hahahaa... I hope so too woman :|