Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blub-blub and Blabber Sunday Updates

Creative title, no? ;) The post I'm about to peck out on this keyboard has nothing to do with the first day of the week however... wait, 7th day of the week??

I'm sitting here, two floors below my own room, drinking 3in1 cereal at 1 pm, missing you guys. Why?

1. Our thread on FB is dying a slow death, with some feeble attempts at being resuscitated by us various 8, but the truth is work has caught up with us and we're letting it slide. I want my girls back!
2. I heard S coo for the first time today and the happiness in Ammi's voice was very touching
3. I had dinner last night with N and G and I found myself wondering how dinner at home would have been. It's been so long that I've eaten mangoes after dinner or made teh-O-kosong for a family member. Weird the things one can miss
4. Gargled with salt water this morning all on my own without being nagged about it in my attempt to get rid of this annoying burning at the back of my throat
5. My bed at home would probably give me more than 4 hours of sleep in a stretch
6. Pi has yet to upload pictures of her trip and that's bugging me like hell
7. The boys bought dogs, a white German Shepherd and a British Cocker Spaniel!

So I was gonna make the most of my Sunday, lie in a bit and be a bum. Then life happened, and here I am halfway through my day, with 3 in1 cereal in a mug, courtesy of T, pecking away at a keyboard on a break from my reading and notes compiling. Gotta cook in a while, will probably do that before I hit the books again. The joys of student life, I tell ya! :P


Me-shak said...

Living alone can be a little frustrating. but I'm sure it has it's perks. I'm waiting to leave home for a while. I don't know how it will be for me. Wow Losh, you cook? I love to cook :D The 3 in 1 cereal seems to be the best breakfast one can get on a Sunday :D I hope all this missing wont mess with your studies.
I don't know what to say :S
ahh...... *hugs* :S

Kirigalpoththa said...

Gargling with salt water is the best cure for sore throat, but it has to be a very mild solution.

Loshini said...

LOVE cooking too.. I find it reslaxing :)
Haha... takes a lot to distract me!
Thanks, dun worry bout it!

That and loads of warm tea, plus some honey in the mornings :D