Thursday, April 22, 2010

Curious About 'Jo'

I recently had the opportunity to meet an interesting individual. We meet people day in and day out in my field and I am personally very bad at remembering faces, hence I find it unusual to be blogging about or even recalling this person for that matter. But weirder things have been known to happen, so here I am, trying to figure out this person for only heaven knows what reason.

However, the few minutes I spent with this ‘Jo’ was limited and my analyzing skills hit a brick wall…My proverbial brick wall being the lack of information.

Then I had a brainwave and sought out the Da Vinci in me and decided to draw the person I had seen… You can see for yourself how well that attempt went :I

I’m not big into smiling at strangers, but ‘Jo’ REALLY doesn’t smile. I did some subtle questioning and tactful nose-poking once I got home, interrogating friends and Facebook-stalking and all! Sources of intelligence and counter intelligence confirmed earlier suspicions. ‘Jo’ and smiles are worlds apart, but ‘Joe’ is in no way depressed. Being curious me, I really want to know WHY :S

Yours truly,
Busybody Me

P/s: Facebook stalking can be most informative and fun when done with friends. Me like ;)

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