Sunday, January 30, 2011


You know the normal story
How he loves you and leaves?
Fights and lies mar the memory
Tears fall for a time so brief?
Then you wake up from the stupor
Heart barricaded, crocodiles fed
Then you wake up from the stupor
Resolute to not be in pain and sad
Then you wake up from the stupor
But the crocodiles have become meaner
You’ve fed them don’t you see,
The unnamed beasts have been fed!

You smile again, survive and dance away,
No mention of crocodiles by any breadth
Brave upfront yet afraid to let ‘em in,
The friends you haven’t met at arm’s length
You laugh and go through the routine…
One day the meticulous dams break
The fortress falls to ruins over time
Your armour rusts off piece by blasted piece
You let your guard slip, unknowingly perhaps?
And someone makes it in:
A friend you can trust
Someone who cares in too blatant a way
No deception, just plain sincerity
Honesty so painful that the beasts are silenced
And even you begin to think ‘em slain
Then something reminds you they’re there
Watching, waiting, hungry for a morsel…

And yet the friend stays
‘For some crocodiles,’ he says
‘You need to wield the knife yourself
I killed nine of ten
I left you one, just one tiny one
To help you grow, to help you decide
And through it all, I’ll be at your side’
‘So fuck the crocodile,’ I say
‘Let’s go catch that movie at nine’


The Blue Care Bear said...

darlin the movie was at 8... lol...tis ok..we'll get u a new watch as well...and a copy of the ticket...

nice poem thou...cheers

Chavie said...

Yay for true friends! :)

rainfield61 said...

Where is the last crocodile?

jaacostan said...

which font you used?? name??
hehe (Labels: Attempting to Rhyme)
yeah,nice try..

Loshini said...

@TBCB: pffttt..

@Chavs, rainfield,jaacostan n lina: thanks ppl :)

@jaacostan: am not too sure, too much of a time lapse btwn my post n me repkying your comments :P but it's one of the standard fonts from MS97 i think :)

@lina: much obliged, but am hardly an active blogger nymore. and yes comment deleted.. good luck with your survey ya?