Friday, January 07, 2011


It's Christmas today here. I'm splat in Eastern Europe, in a country where the people are predominantly Orthodox Christians. For them Christmas is on Jan 7th :)

I was going through my bloglist and realised that stuff I read comes predominantly from Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India... There are the odd African and American blogs out there that I follow, but they're rare and few in number.. Just a random thought.

First snowfall during our first year


rainfield61 said...

Then, it is not too late to greet you Merry Christmas.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Christmas on Jan 7th - That is new to me :)

Gadgetgirl said...

apparently. it is. love that pic.

Chavie said...

Merry Christmas again, then! :D Hope it's not too frigid up there. :) Stay warm!