Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bear :)

All my hairs stood on end and that was saying much as there is a reason people call me the Bear, and it has nothing to do with my low scratchy voice.. :-|

The air was thick with moisture and I watched in bemusement as the air fogged up as I spoke to my cousins. The tea plantations were a shade of green I have never seen before and there was a sweetish odour to the air, quite unlike the processed tea leaves I had been so accustomed to.

As my mother and uncles reminisced, pointing out places where they had made memories during their childhoods, as they recalled their Father and how he had been a man of standards, I felt a bit more proud of my family. I mean how many families took the effort to organize an outing on a frequent basis like we did? At a time when family values were being queried, I could be certain that I come from a background that reassures me that family is the core of a person’s being.

Then my phone beeped. It was a message: Wer bear voice.. Three words spoke volumes. It hit me that as much as my family needed me, there was another soul out there, quite unconnected by blood, that for reasons I’ve yet to fathom has formed an attachment to me.

Twenty minutes later as we stopped for lunch, I excused myself and called that other soul. As much as she made it clear that she needed me and wanted me in each part of each day, I do too. For only God knows what reason, we’ve become a part of each other’s lives. Sometimes I feel she believes she’s already family, but I always knew she was a little strange even before I started dating her :P

By the way, this was when I was at Camerons ;)

- by a Beary Cold Guest Writer

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