Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Things Almost Forgotten..

Firing up my neurons, trying to remember my top10 almost forgotten memories:

No. 10: Playing haunted house with a bunch of madcaps in the school library and AV room. I was the one who got scared most often with Prisy running around in the dark..but it was good fun! We should go back and visit some day..

No.9: sitting in a row at my aunt's house in Batu Pahat, eating instant noodles with my brother, sister and cousins.. when i was small, eating was NOT a favourite activity, but the company made it better

No.8: Being at Nan's house before school, playing with Ginger, and the walk through the back lane to school five minutes before the bell ;) n sneaking in through the side gate so that the discipline teacher would not catch us!

No.7: Playing basketball at Palm Court with the same madcaps.. wow! that was REAL freedom!

No.6: The first quarantine here due to the superbly cold winter.. one week of leisure, UNO and revelations *mysterious aura*

No.5: My day in the Moscow Airport. I slept on a steel chair and dreamt of home. Can't believe that i almost forgot that one!

No.4: Family showdown during my adolescent rampage. God, i would have slapped myself! =P

No.3: Jan 15, 2001. I'm actually finding it difficult to recall the details but i will never forget how i felt that day and in the long weeks that followed

No.2: Leaving home at the end of every summer. It never gets any easier, no matter what others tell you.

No.1: The taste of Amma's crab kootu curry. I'd better make sure that that's on the menu when i get home =)

There're a lot more, but these are the ones i'd almost lost in the maze of my mind. Thought i should type it out and save it in the effort to immortalise these moments =)

so, once again! Cheers to all my family and friends out there who've gotten me her and continue to inspire me through hectic and mundane days.. i wouldn't be who i am without you guys.. Yam seng!! =D


Kirigalpoththa said...

Interesting..nice memoirs!

Loshini said...

Thanks K. but u know what they say: a good pictures worth a thousand words, and you have a treasure-chest full of them :) keep blogging.. i enjoy ur pics n little comments