Thursday, January 28, 2010

Troublesome Mountains

Dark title for a dark blog. It's about the worst nightmare of being away from home and decent commercial service. It's a lesson about how procrastination hurts - literally. My shoulders are so sore right now and I am typing with one hand, but i am getting ahead of myself here. Let me begin...

Two bags full. Not like i had accumulated it for months.. it was a mere ten days. Ten days without decent hot water at the height of winter.

Deciding that i had put it off for long enough (civilised hot water had been running through the pipes for the last 2 days, you see), i dumped the contents of one bag into my little blue pail, added detergent and let it soak.

Two hours later, i scrubbed and rinsed and pummeled those dastard bits of cloth into a semblance of hygiene, humming tunelessly to myself the whole way. I didn't feel it at that time - not yet. It was the wringing dry that killed me. Each piece had to be meticulously freed from excess H2O or they would freeze onto my windowpanes (yes, i am proud to report that it has happened before :P)

Then, after i had rinsed out my little blue pail, the pain set in. I think i pulled my deltoid (shoulder muscle..)on my left and it hurts like hell. It should get better in a day or two, but till then, my laundry's gonna continue piling up, mountains that could compete with Kilimanjaro or Fuji!

Well, it could be worse i guess. I could have pulled my right deltoid and killed all chances of me leading an uncrippled life for these next 2 days. Or there could be no hot water again *shuddering at the thought*

Anyways, wish me luck with my laundry people. Remind me that mountains too can be conquered, or at least whittled down to mole hills ;)


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Yes, mountains too can be tackled, and you're doing it!

I hope you're well now.

Kuldhara — A Cursed Village Near Jaisalmer

Loshini said...

yep, patience is d key. all better now. no worries :)