Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do I believe in magic? As a kid i loved storybooks about dragons and magicians; little sprinkles of pixiedust in a movie was a sure way to keep me quiet on a weekend afternoon; finding a fourleaf clover was a fascinating game...but did i ever BELIEVE in magic itself?

Magic to me is not about crooked pointed hats, varnished wooden staffs or chanting around a bubbling cauldron of boiling frogs' innards and heaven knows what else.. Magic to me is a bit more personal.

It's a call from your mother before the break of dawn each morning. It's in a roommate who fries an extra portion of scrambled eggs and the guy who offers his seat to an unknown stranger. It's the elderly lady who smiles at you as she walks her dog as you pass each other on the sidewalk. It's something within each of us.

But there's dark magic too. Those who hurt others in innumerable ways, those who break your faith.. they have at their will spells which form coalescing dark clouds, summon murderous thunderstorms of anger and lightning shards of betrayal.

so, i guess that i DO believe in magic. The good and the bad, but magic nonetheless.
I too am a spellcaster of sorts, and spells are just our thoughts and actions, only the outcome describing it to be either good or bad. There is no such thing as a good magician or evil sorceress. It's just magic, and it's up to us how to use it.

I'm here, tapping away at my keyboard to let my kinfolk know that you guys are my magicians and wizards. I can truly say that i believe in magic because of my family and friends, people who affect me everyday... The magic in you people is very real to me :)

so, here's to the wizards and sorceresses i dare to call friends and family. Cheers, folks! ;)

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