Monday, February 01, 2010

The After Party

I wonder who coined that word coz the after party is the real party.. then there's the after-after party, where one needs to clean up whatever mess is left behind and wake up for a full day of work.. haha..but 'twas good and here we are plunging headlong into another week again! :P

exams r done for this sem. good. other stuff still pending and am hardly excellent company when i have uncertain things, tasks,bla bla bla hanging over my head. i get cranky. thank god for crankier friends, entertainment, good blogs, wonderful food and family, in no particular order. makes things seem a bit better.

but actually, i wanted to type about my fascination for ppl who are still so connecetd to their homelands even though they live elsewer. it's weird but i like it. but am in a grumbly mood, so will do that some other time, when i am all sunshine :)

too-dles ppl. i have no bloody idea what that means, but i've got more work to do. monday blues.. grrrr! ciao..


Chavie said...

sounds like quite the after party! :D

Loshini said...

haha chavie.. words cudnt describe it :D

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Monday blues disturb us all, don't they? Well the work will be enjoyed anyway however :)

The Day

rainfield61 said...

Monday blues?

I think it will continue to Tuesday blues, Wednesday... until the weekend finally arrive.

Loshini said...

bhavesh: yea, life widout work has no real purpose n work's enjoyable

rainfield: haha.. at times, yeah, but usually we get over it :)