Sunday, February 21, 2010


This was taken outside a Bedouin village. Can you see the man's face with his mouth open? They believe(d) that the sun set each day after that very hungry man ate up the sun, and each morning, it rose because it was so hot that he was forced to let it out again.

Just another folklore on sunsets, huh? I loved it though :)

I wish I had the picture of the desert night sky, but I didn't think of taking a picture then. Definitely one of the best experiences in a foreign land.

This is a castle in Alexandria. Those clouds overhead are storm clouds. It was eerily beautiful, especially with the bits of sunlight breaking through. But the best part of Alexandria was the ocean, pictures of which I hope to share sometime soon!

This was at Hurghada. The sunrise was very peaceful, and the lone camel grazing near the pokok kurma (I'm not too sure what you call it in English) was just asking to be photographed.

Night lights along the road, next to a running river. I have no idea why it makes me think of goals that one wishes to reach in life, the aspiration for a dream, the effort to make it reality. That little light on the top is the reflection against the windowpane :P

An eclipse that we saw right here on campus two years ago. The Mayans believed the eclipse foretold the ending of an era, Hindus have numerous superstitions concerning any eclipse, more so a lunar one. I thought it looked a bit like a human iris, with the little pupil in the centre letting in light.

I know this looks like a postcard, but one of us snapped this image when we were on the Nile, that time in Egypt. That is the Nile bank, upon which lies the history of ancient civilisations and laid the foundation for today's. The perfect form of the sun and the dark silhouetted palms and shrubs look even better in real life.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Beautiful photos! My favorites are first and last.

Especially the last one can easily go as a post card :)

I also have traveled on the Nile and remember taking some good sunset images. but none good as this!

Loshini said...

K, thank u :) we were lucky, being in the right place at the right time!

doc said...

what camera did you use for the last photo & can you remember the settings? i'm just getting interested in photography but have not invested in a good camera yet.

rainfield61 said...

I love the way you write this post, and the pictures.

Both are lovely.

A peaceful day, to you, and to me.

Loshini said...

doc: i'm the last person you should ask bout cameras and all things tech-oriented :P

it was a normal digital camera, but we were on the river, so that and the sun rays probably created the effect:)

photography's interesting, from the little i've done. good luck! :)

rainfield: thank u :) same to you. awaiting your future posts to bring me that much closer to home :D

Chavie said...

Beautiful photos Losh! I love the first and the last one too, and the eclipse photo as well! :D The mountains in the first photo are superb!

Awaiting your pictures of Alexandria! :D

Loshini said...

thanks chavie :) will upload them sometime soon - i hope :P

Gadgetgirl said...

the first shot just held my nerve.

Loshini said...

thankiu GG :)imagine standing there in the desert and watching it. even had ME speechless! lol!