Wednesday, February 03, 2010

533 + 2 :)

We made a snowman!! A real took 8 of us n another 2 ;), lots of kneeling and wrestling in the snow, a couple of snow angels, a million stillshots, and maniacal yells of laughter, but we made it! And in 3 hours flat!

It was Bihah's birthday today, and true to our class' way, we celebrated it during class and after (God bless the lecturer.. he has a good heart)Anyway, that girl made a snow angel on the ground next to Mr.Round.. and we buried her in snow while she did it... lol!

The last time our class made a snow man was 2 years back and the flying snow balls smack in each others' faces has been long overdue. All of us got home redfaced, trench coats drenched, ice clinging to our hair and jeans and with lopsided grins on our faces today. Madness.. :)

We've seen each other at our best and worst these past 5 years and we've still got each other's backs. Others think we are a studious bunch, but i disagree. I think we just get each other and take the trouble to look out for each other and hence do OK with exams *knocking on wood* (dun wanna jinx it..)

yeah, i know. it's just a superstition.. but am not gonna break a glass mirror just to find out if i'll get 7 yrs of bad luck! *throwing salt over my shoulder*

just kidding..:P

Back to what i was saying...Today was a good day, one I'm gonna carry with me years down the road. I hope the memory of this cold frosty day keeps my heart warm when i need it the most :)

Oh, incidentally, Mr. Round had glasses, a siberian snow cap and a floral handbag...i suspect he has metrosexual tendencies..eeek!!

No, am pretty certain he's straight. No, i didnt ask him. *aghast*

If you've got the time, go check my FB account or Aida's. The pictures should be up soon :D

And yeah, i know my story tends to drift a bit, but the words are a reflection of the mind (no, my mind does not drift!!! well, not too much anyway :P)

Bye till winter's end, folks! But i promise to drop in n read ur blogs, so keep blogging, k?

p/s: If u havent figured it out, 533's the number of our group and the plus 2 is well, plus 2 more people :) n wow, i think this post has a record number of smiles in it.. ;)


Chavie said...

I like smilies! Helps make up a bit for the fact that you can't see the person who's communicating with you... :D

Snow sounds like fun! :D Whenever I hear about snowball fights I always remember Harry Potter and his friends! ;)

Loshini said... is fun :) one of d things i'll miss wen i graduate i'm sure

rainfield61 said...

No problem for me to break any glasses, but not during Chinese New Year.

Another level of superstition??

Loshini said...

rainfield: haha.. totally understandable! :D

Kirigalpoththa said...

How did you get 533 as your team number? :)

Loshini said...

33rd grp of 5th yr students.. based on the time our grp registered :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

ok :)