Monday, September 28, 2009

Forks in the Road

We actually used to be friends. That’s what i thought as i looked at pictures of people i used to spend hours a day with, people whom i still think about off and on but nonetheless have become almoststrangers over time and distance.

It’s a peculiar feeling when i can have so many memories with a bunch of people and yet feel as cut off from them as i did just minutes ago, browsing through pictures on Facebook. I have a different life now, as do they and we’ve all changed in innumerable ways that make us so very different from the bunch that played and sang and fought together.

Yet something holds us together still.

We had traveled along the same path until we hit a fork in the road, each taking a different path. Along the way, we made even more choices, each decision indelibly and irrevocably forcing us apart, till we can hardly recognise each other today.

And when we bump into each other, we manage a smile and small talk. Neither once-friend implies at the existence of an invisible wall between each other. We laugh, swap stories and make some morememories. At the end of it, we go back to our current lives,subconsciously happy to be able to stop the reminiscing, which while holds a bitter-sweet taste is still simply impractical to hold on to too tightly. Grabbing handfuls of memories is like holding hot cinder, you’ll only burn your hands, hurt your pride and not be able to work for your daily loaf of bread ?

Yet, we look forward to these meetings, wondering who and what still hold sway over our heart strings.

They are the people who have helped us become who we are and may well help define who we will become. That was why i clicked that link to those fateful pictures on Facebook, thus provoking this piece of uttermushiness.

While i’m in my few minutes of thinking of the people who have walked in and out of my life, allow me to say that i wish the best of all things to come your way. If , no, when i lose myself in some mundane taskafter this, my wish becomes no less sincere. I’m still hoping for the happiness, success and inner tranquility of all the individuals i’ve ever had the privilege of calling friend.

This blog goes out to friends everywhere who have helped each other grow, through the good and the bad. Just like in my other blog article ‘magic’, i dedicate this article to my family and friends, in whatever corner of the world you may be in! =)

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