Monday, September 28, 2009

A Passion For Languages =)

I like languages. I speak a couple fluently and a few more.. hehe.. let’s just say that I know mere spatters of them =)

Well, what’s brought about this craze for languages? I don’t know. I think it’s an expansion of my curious palate.

Once upon a time I believed strongly that a window into a culture of the world was their cuisine. I was right and wrong it seems. Eating twenty different kinds of pasta make you understand the Italian culture and lifestyle to a ceratin extent but it is limited. Severely limited.

So, I started picking up different languages. The words sometimes just dont roll off my tongue and the stress, phonetics and intonations which i spout at times is enough to crack the native speakers up.. haha.. but I’m trying.

What’s surprising is that in many different languages, there are words that sound similar, differing sometimes by a single vowel or none at all! It makes me wonder if those crazy linguists out there are actually correct.

Could all the languages of the human actually have evolved from one common stem over these centuries of civilisation?

Could these languages which we see as barriers between different races actually hold the key to finding similar ground?

Hmm.. I wonder =) So, for now, I guess i’ll just continue gabbing in whatever language suits my fancy. I’m working on it anyway!

My English, Malay, Tamil, n Hindi arent that bad but Russian, Japanese, Cantonese, Spanish, sign language (seriously…) n lately Korean just seem to elude me.

And no, my studies don’t require wide linguistic capabilities. It actually requires simple sentences so that we don’t end up losing our patients along the way =P


jaacostan said...

knowing multiple languages are always an asset..
when u are seeking a job,u will get a little future

Loshini said...

hehe.. well yeah a passion that's an asset :)