Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wonders of The Brain

Well, i've finally closed my friendster account! Blogs that have a special place in my heart/mind/whatever la... have been faithfully copied n pasted here, but i'm deviating. I wanted to spout nonsense 'bout the power of the mind.

It was weird. My friend has a cloth hairband she loves and one morning, she was hunting for it high and low. We went over what she had done the previous day and frankly we were amazed at how much we were able to recall. Our memory worked backwards from her putting her keys on the study table after entering the room, a white baby T she had been wearing as she sat at the computer (FB-ing no doubt), the three mugs of coffee I had forgotten to make even after setting the water to boil. She mentioned the smell of the coffee that i eventually made and we also both remembered the Arabic ringtone of somebody passing outside the door. We could even recall the conversation we had had almost word for word!

Even with all that blinding brain power, we still could not place the elusive cloth head band =P

Before you smack your head with your palm or hoot with derisive laughter, allow me to explain. You see, our fabulous neurons could not locate that blasted piece of decorative headwear because it was a third person who had moved it - and she had thrown it away!

What transpired after that involved 3 girls, a blue bag and lots of soap, but that's a tale for another day.

The moral of my inane ramblings is this : It's funny what the mind recalls, we just never realise what we are taking in.

Academicians have suggested a 'recalling therapy' where after a long exhausting day, the person is supposed to write down what he or she did/saw/heard/smelt all through out the day. It supposed to help ease tension, calm your nerves and increase memory power - things that we really need to survive in today's fast paced world. Just thought that i should share it with you guys =)

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