Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was browsing through my D and a few pictures caught my eye. Without realizing what it was that made me open each file, I had 6 pictures minimized onto my taskbar, each one showing movement.

So I grouped them chronologically and found each one represented one year, except for the last two… weird, huh? Anyway, here they are :)

First snow fight ever. Everyone’s moving and the picture’s blurry due to poor focusing, but I like the way everyone’s in a different position. Talk about a literal cold war :P

It was a tradition when we lived together during our orientation period to celebrate each birthday with a bang. One of the ickier traditions involves covering the birthday boy/girl from head to toe with flour and eggs.

This was when a friend cracked an egg and flung it at the birthday boy. Hehe… it made Ki duck for cover and the hovering egg overhead looks pretty unbelievable! Cool, eh? ;)

During our outing to Yalta, Herb was trying for a star jump off a ledge, but it ended up looking like this! Maybe it was the Nike shoes...? Just do it! ;)
I love this shot, which unfortunately I did not take :P I like the way the two at the side are closing in on the ball, eyes upward at the opponent and how the guy in the centre in taking a leap toward the ball, attempting to kick it midair. The energy in the shot is kind of incredible, I think.
The quiet ones are usually up to something... If his eyes were visible, I’m sure they’d be sparkling with mischief! Notice the way the snowball is breaking off at the edges as Nav bounced it up and down in his gloved hand.
A few weekends ago, at Saki. We lined up in a row and tried to toss the beach rocks back into the water. The winner was the one who tossed it out furthest, and the one who won it incidentally shares my name, except that hers is spelt with an E, as in to l-o-s-h-e-n-i :)

Can you see the blur of the pellets in the air before us? 
She shared with us later that the rock should be flat and fit comfortably into one’s palm for the best momentum and apparently we need to throw it with a flick of the wrist upwards, but by that time we had already managed to bury her in the sand and we couldn't hear anymore rock throwing tips... Hehe! :)


Me-shak said...

Wowzweers, you have some excellent pictures there. I love the las one, with all the ladies :P Oh and your traditions are very similar to us :D
looking forward for more.


Anonymous said...

I like the kung-fu style-like Nike pic. Combined with a head-butt too..hehe

Chavie said...

Beautiful pictures, shot at just the right time! :D Whenever I attempt something like that everything ends in a blur! ;)

Love the snowball one... sparkly! :D

Kirigalpoththa said...

Cool collection! Love them all.

rainfield61 said...

You have years of fun stuffs.

And they are now some very sweet memories.

Loshini said...

Haha... all the ladies in a row ;) I think the flour-egg trashing's pretty much universal, but good to know we share things in common :D

Mei Teng:
Kungfu style head butt. Very nice way of describing it :)

That's why out of 4 gigs, only 6 made it onto the post. It was more luck than timing :P

I like that one too. The sparkly-ness makes my friend look extra evil! :P

Thank you...

Yep, very true, my friend.