Monday, June 21, 2010

National Exams

they wanna abolish 2 out of 3 currently in place. WTH?

while i agree that national exams make some extra competitive and add pressure, why doesn't anyone else find it to be a good thing?

Everything has the good and bad and as much as i complain about our current education system, I think that the exams are one of the GOOD things.

1. i NEVER studied for any major exam in school, except for the final one before graduating high school, and even that i did mere weeks before. ask my mum if you don't believe me.
2. i doubt more than a handful actually did
3. the exams sort of gave us a sense of purpose
4. while being able to demotivate when results come out, even the failures form resolves to do something with their lives. i have friends in this category. i have friends who completely gave up too. and i have friends who fall in between both of these extremes. so don't tell me that exams bring out the best or worst in people. they just assess, it's how a person responds to the assessment, but that would spark a conversation about mentality and i'm not going there.
5. marking the papers actually gives senior citizens a chance to earn some extra money. these aren't high flying corporate successes. these are people who live on their pensions or EPF. it gives THEM a sense of purpose
6. exams help with streaming.... i know it sounds biased but it does help identify ppl with artistic inclinations and science inclinations. ppl who probably don't have a solid career ambition yet. won't streaming help them figure it out?
7. term-based assessments are nonsense in my opinion.everyone's gonna take it lightly. plus, how can you know the standard of the exam questions? it'll probably vary from school to school. what's gonna stop schools who want better results from not setting easier questions? or giving 'leaked' questions?

too much pressure. isn't school a means to teach kids how to HANDLE pressure? instead they're trying to protect us from it like overzealous parents.

if they do wanna make a change, change it to continuous assessments + exams. like in the south australian matriculation. or they could just hand us play dough in school.

yeah, i'm more than a little irritated. call it nerves if you want to.


Me-shak said...

Well I don't know about the education system over there but for sure taking out exams is not the best option, IMO.

Over here, exams are a little screwed up. Especially subjects like Chemistry and Economics. even some of the university students find it hard to answer those questions. They have made it in such a way because the government cant facilitate all the students in terms of higher education. Only the very cream get the chance to taste the luxuries of national universities.

May be the government wants more students to pass out into university. But clearly taking out exams is not the way to go. But then again if everything becomes easy every to dick and harry will have some thing in their hands. Lets hope the government get cold feet or some thing like that, eh? :P Good post!


rainfield61 said...

There is always a proposal by the government, and will be changed or withdrawn later due to objection by the people.

So I never bother to think so much about this.

Chavie said...

Like Meshak said, the system in Sri Lanka is seriously messed up, because our universities are filled over-capacity and the government doesn't want a lot of children to go in, so that even really bright students rarely make it into uni.

I like the London system that I did my A/Ls in though. Every subject is divided into modules that students can take as many times as they want till they're satisfied with their results. This can be really good since a lot of my friends who failed certain units ended up getting A's in their second try.

At the end of the day, exams should serve as a motivator to sharpen your skills, instead of just cramming on the pre-exam night and getting it done with. :)

Loshini said...

That was interesting to know. Erm, what's IMO? >.<

And wow, the competition has to be pretty tight there. Good for you and Chavie for getting in :)

Quite true what you say, but i have a worry bone in me!

Yeah, the module system's good because you get to learn from your mistakes while they're still fresh.

and your last line is so true, but i fall (fell?) in that category of last minute muggers :P

Chavie said...

Haha, so was I! :D But it shouldn't be like that, nuh? :)

And Meshak and I aren't at a national uni. Thankfully there are other options these days. :)

Me-shak said...

In my opinion :D

It is really tight here. The issue is, if you are a average student and can't afford private higher education you have no option. Most of the students like that have to either start working or repeat exams over again. It's pretty bad.

Chavie and I are in a semi government University and they charge us:P The plan is to follow a Aussi course in 2 years. Lets see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

I think people are messing with an already "messed up" education system. No exams? Then how do those students qualify for further education. Where do they stand when they enter universities and the workforce?

Loshini said...

Hehe! Oh, sorry bout the assumption, but thank god for more options :)

Hmm... all the best you two!

Mei Teng:
Heheh... but like rainfield said, it's still a 'proposal'. Maybe they'll come up with something workable? lol.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust politicians. See how much havoc they've wrecked with their flawed policies.

Anonymous said...

I hate politics, but appreciate your take on exams...

Loshini said...

Mei Teng:


jaacostan said...

change the education system like this...
only study what u like...then u can become a skilled person on that specified area...
for example,one who like that thorough..he will be a good professional violinist

or one who like java and skilled in that...
in this way produce experts...!!

but the major defect is the knowledge will get limited..

Loshini said...

sorry bout the uber late reply :)

interesting suggestion but i suppose they need a same standard of basic education, otherwise the education system would be more cluttered up han it already is, no?

but the ideal education would be as you suggested, as shown in 3idiots if you have watched it? :)

Loshini said...

to all:
the two exams will remain in place. for now :)

jaacostan said...

yeah... there is a meaningful message in that film specially for some typical type of

give freedom to study what they like...
accept that all parents have some hope and wish about their child..they want to see them as an engineer or a that..
but give prior preference to the child's wish and field of interest..

yeah...basic education is very important... basic education will be mostly up to the age of 15... after that...ok ok..
that's just a comment...hehe..

like a coin have two sides.... every system has its own advantages and disadvantages..
but the authority,government must aware about the current system and they must try to upgrade the educational system...and that must reach that to all parts of the each and every child..