Friday, June 11, 2010

Peanut Butter vs. Marmite – A Matter of Choice

You’re like peanut butter.

The smooth richness of your talk, the heavenly aroma of something nice and the crunchy bite of your wit and humour, all made complete by the outer packaging that’s just too alluring to the eyes.

Just one bite assures a craving for more.

But when you are there, the throat swells up, words won’t come out right, the heart starts pounding and chest starts heaving as I gasp to breathe. Once you’re in the system, my BP starts going nuts, I break out in cold sweat and my heart palpitates, rhythm gone awry and I truly believe that I’m about to die.

You’re like peanut butter.

You set off an anaphylactic reaction in me.

You’re like peanut butter, the ultimate temptation, the one who gives me a glimpse of heaven and hell all at once.

You’re like peanut butter, perfection on the supermarket shelf. You’re the one I walked right past by because you’re no good for me.

Now marmite is all I need to get me through the day. An acquired taste, I know, a humble one too. Without your pomp and marketing, but see, peanut butter’s the unattainable ideal and marmite’s the real flavour of life.

And I choose marmite.


Chavie said...

Brilliant stuff Losh! :D

Is it autobiographical? ;)

rainfield61 said...

Good morning.

I am going to sit in front of the peanut butter later, trying to have that feel.

Maybe my heart will pump so fast thinking of you.

Me-shak said...

This just made my day :D
awesome :D


Ram said...

i,m feeling to eat it.. :)

Loshini said...

Thanks :) Hehe... yeah, all of it's autobiographical except for the allergic reaction to peanut butter. I mean real peanut butter here :P

I'd consider killing a walrus for peanut butter..!

Morning! I hope the experiment works.. if that fails you always have your camera lens to inspire you :D

Hehe...glad to be of service :)


Anonymous said...

I am not used to eating Marmite just on its own. But crabs cooked in Marmite sauce is absolutely delicious.

Given a choice, it's peanut butter for me :)

Loshini said...

Haha... have tried the marmite crab once. I like it too!

And to each her own ;)