Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Reason

This is for you guys at home.
My family, My Pillow

And I’d take the mighty moments of crazies,
With the bits of peace interspersed between,
I’ll also cherish the worrying parents,
And hold close to heart my protective siblings,
I’d gather the habits of all their lifetimes,
The good, ignorant, pleasant and the mean,
And would keep them under my little pillow,
The place each day upon which I choose to lean:
My spring of solace and determination,
That which fuels each day the fight in me;
My haven of comfort; the many moments of glee;
You hold up my aspirations, wishes and dreams,
With eternal hope that in the blackest night gleams…
Thank you for caring to bear the weight of me,
Do move over, let me too your pillow be!

Happy Fathers’ Day, Appa. Had it not been for you I wouldn’t have known what ‘acceptance’ means.

Happy Fathers’ Day to Annai, Attan and all other Dads out there too! :)

p/s: I used to be cynical about celebrating Mothers' and Fathers' and Valentines' Day and all those other days that so many of us think is 'commercialised' and 'cheesy'. Perhaps they are commercialised and cheesy, but they don't mean any less to me, because at the very least they give us a reason to be nicer to each other on these days.

That's what I think the world sorely needs... more reasons to be nice to each other.

Hope you guys have a great week ahead! :)


Anonymous said...

well written :) we ain't got an identity without our parents, hats off to them :)

Me-shak said...

Greatly written, we are nothing without them.

Happy fathers' day!


Anonymous said...

Un blog per romba nalla iruku :) Connections :) cool name :)

Loshini said...

Thanks. I agree :) Haha, my blog commenters suddenly all speak tamil! Do come back if you like it..

Thanks :) Same to you and your family

Anonymous said...

sure :)

Anonymous said...


i like the last two lines. you seem to be improving at this rhyming thing girl :)

my word verific. is 'hieress'. do u know any rich uncle or aunties around? ;)


Loshini said...

Yep, acceptance :) And why, thank you!

Rich uncles or aunties ah? Do I get to call dibs if i let you know? ;)

Chavie said...

I love your post script. (The post as well)

Happy Fathers' Day Losh! :)

Loshini said...

Hehe... it's either Pristina or Lucida Handwriting. I cant rmmbr exactly which i used, and same to you :)