Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Summer is Sweet ;)

Comin’ home to walk those well loved roads again :)

We're officially 6th years and I should be jumping for joy and grinning like an idiot, but instead a thousand thoughts are running through my mind. I have NO IDEA how to pack my two suitcases and a million last minute things have seemed to crop up out of nowhere. Every year, I get this feeling, this tightness in my chest as I wait to see my loved ones. Waiting. Packing.Flying. Transiting. Walking around, sight-seeing and shopping. Flying. Landing :)

I hate take-off but love the moment we land. The moment those rubber tires hit home soil is something I could never describe.

I hope there's crab kootu curry waiting for me. Oh, wait. That can't happen because the only one who knows when I'm landing is my brother, keeper of secrets and driver of the Vios :)

Then I'll hope for crab kootu curry over the weekend once my family's gotten over the shock of seeing me. And I REALLY wanna see the girls again.

Woo-hooo!!! No exams for 2 months :)))))))


Kirigalpoththa said...

No exams for 2 months - That is great :)

rainfield61 said...

There is no exams for me since...... oh, it has been so long to recall.

And you will have a two-months long summer, but I have mine whole year long.

Loshini said...

Yep, it's a relief :)

Haha, lucky you! ;)

Me-shak said...

Kootu curry sound yummy. But you have to taste the sri lankan Yaal crab curry, that is mind blasting! Enjoy your vacation, and post a lot of pictures!


Anonymous said...

perfect timing. the project'll be done in 2 days, meaning more free time :))))))


SheriffOfBallsville said...

Plans to drive around Seputeh and announce to all its residents that you're coming back.... Now THAT would be a SURPRISE... lol

safe trip back... WE ALL KNOW ur coming back

Ram said...

you seem to be really happy.. enjoy... :)))

Loshini said...

I like!!

Man, i like that abbreviation:)

Duh i'm coming bck. Question is when :)

And don't you dare do such a thing. Thanks for offering though..

Ermm, you're the one who secretly longs to live in glorious seputeh, right? ;)

Hehe... what gave it away? The extra looong smiley? :P

Loshini said...

I'll keep the yaal crab curry in mind :) And will do...

Chavie said...

W00t, you're going home!!! :D Have an awesome time over there and enjoy yourself to the max!

And sixth years huh? :D wow!

Loshini said...