Sunday, March 07, 2010


       The first view we got of the Mediterranean Sea, and her gathering might. Choppy waves, and chaos. That's what I initially thought.The churning froth from the heaving waters had us awestruck for where I come from, the waves are more subdued  - though no less beautiful!
       Disembarking from the van we were hit by the salty tang of the sea, and cold spittle rained on us from even 3 plus metres away. 

       Then we got closer to the water's edge. The fine spray and the way the droplets danced and shimmered as wave upon wave pounded on the cemented walls around the periphery of the city left us breathless. Breathless from her majestic power and also because we were running for cover!
Note : Running for cover was a futile attempt because we all got drenched anyway :P
       The pounding of the waves was rhythmic and almost orchestrated, and the thunder of the waves drowned out all thought from us. 

       We waited a full 2 hours and more to watch the receding waves. That platform you see in the picture above had been submerged underwater the first time we got to there. 
       We could finally hear each other speak again but none of us did much talking  for some reason.

       This was our parting shot as we left to go to the library (No, not the original library by Alexander the Great, that one got sunk long ago!) 
       I love the shoreline formed by the crests of the waves, that huge white curve upon the sand.
       I genuinely believe that if I had been an atheist, I would have succumbed to animistic beliefs after that day, for the sea truly seemed to have a soul of her own. The sea having a soul thing was much talked about after our trip, when our tongue-tied-ness had worn off, but one thing we all agreed on was this: never had any of us seen any other body of water with such character, such attitude before!
       And our translator assured us that she was like this every single day. Such immense power, it was a trifle scary. 
Yeah, we had a translator :), since the only decent word we knew collectively in Arabic was 'shukrat', which means thank you... and that wouldn't have gotten us very far! 


Me-shak said...

These pictures are amazing. I'm sure you guys would have got soaked while waiting foe two hours for the waves to reduce. I didn't know the Mediterranean sea was so rough. I love how she foams up in the first few pictures, Although the last one is what I love. The pack drop, the small drops of water on the lens, oh wow. It's just picture perfect. Ones that come in post cards. Awesome post :D very well written!

Cheers !

Chavie said...

I agree with Me-shak, that last one is just picture perfect! Wow, no wonder most of old Alexandria is underwater now... with a sea that rough! lol :D

Kirigalpoththa said...

Lovely pictures!

Pity that most of the monuments of old world like tower of Alexandria, Palace of Cleopatra and the library are no more.

I was here sometime back and enjoyed the excellent mediterranean climate here. places like Citadel of Qaitbay and the museaum were great. They said they are going to build an undersea museaum so that people can see the ruins of Cleopatra's palace. Would like to see that someday!!

Loshini said...

We had no idea either about how choppy her waters were! I like that picture too :)

Thanks, Chavie! I agree, very rough waters. But weirdly, if I were rich, I'd go there all over again just to see the mediterranean sea :O

Yep, the Pharoah's Lighthouse and all would have been a sight to see, but I guess part of their charm and mystery is that we'll only see the them in our minds, huh? :)

The new library looks a bit too comtemporary for my taste.. haha, but who am I to say, ya?

An undersea museum? Wow. I didn't know that. That would be fantastic!

rainfield61 said...

I have never seen such a rough sea before. I can feel its immense power from the first to the last picture.

Loshini said...

Me too :) The biggest waves I'd seen before Alexandria were in Terengganu, and i thought those were rough!

Anonymous said...

That's really choppy sea conditions. No good for sea travel.

doc said...

hmm...a body of water with character & attitude?

must be an awesome experience!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

The pictures are amazing and lively, so is the post! I liked it :)


Loshini said...

Mei Teng:
I couldn't agree more! lol!

it was :)


I just saw your post on NG's top 35 pics.Bloody good pics.. ! We completely enjoyed them :D

Dev Wijewardane said...

nice shots. the last one is my fav of the lot.

Loshini said...

Thank you and thanks for dropping by! And it does look like Me-shak's last shot, no? :)