Thursday, March 11, 2010

On Children.Not A Happy Post

          Kids are time consuming, nerve wrecking and totally unpredictable. Even more so when they aren't our own!You would think that they'd be less complex because they are essentially miniature versions of us, no? But after our third posting at the department, the little stethoscope-demanding gremlins seem to have grown on us.
          All that said and done, I still fail to get why people have kids and then throw them aside.  

Case 1: Beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes talks to us. Educated, confident, Orthodox Christian. Then we walk into the procedure room later and there she is, getting a D&C (abortion) Unwanted pregnancy? Use protection, dammit. Not like you live in a Muslim country without sex-ed, yeah?

Case 2: Well-to-do couple, stable home. When we met their child (then 5 months plus), they were nowhere in sight and had stopped visiting the child when he was 1 month old. Why? Coz he was born with microcephalia (small skull and brain) Yes, death is imminent for a child in that condition but he was still their child. He still needed their love. We just learnt that he passed away a few weeks back. I doubt anyone claimed his body. Please do say a prayer for him.

Case 3: It happens ALL the time at home and I'm getting bloody sick of it. Woman (in most cases it's a GIRL, not a WOMAN) has kid, wraps it (or doesn't) and hides baby in bushes/toilet/whatever place she thinks is safe. Whatever place she thinks is safe, is NOT. The kid will probably be hungry/ suffer from overcooling/ get an infection/ be bitten by insects/ be afraid. Yes, newborns can feel fear. These 'mothers' never hand in the child to welfare/ the police because they fear the potential social stigma. Cow dung, if you ask me.

Case 4: Abuse. We hear about abuse in the name of God (like God would tell you to burn the kid with incense or whip him till he bleeds?), in parental conflict, in poverty/after drug or alcohol consumption. I freaking hate it. I've even met with a mum who made her kids drink paraquat (weedkiller) after some problems with her spouse. How are we supposed to be IMPARTIAL and WANT to save the life of a woman who would harm innocent beings under her care? Don't get me wrong, but most child abuse cases involve the mothers or female guardians. At times I find myself cursing Hippocrates and his oath.

          I don't know why I'm writing this. It isn't going to change the fate of these kids, but it sucks to see kids like that. It's just unfair. I usually think of their shy smiles, confiding whispers, Winnie the Pooh bedspreads and little finger nails but I got a little emo after reading about the babysitter and lover who caused the death of a toddler. Inhumane.

Are women REALLY the better half? 

          Women succumb to selfish acts, give in to fear for 'social standing' and then behave like men are incapable of rational thought when in fact it is the woman who makes the FINAL decision on abortion/ abandoning the child. 
          The fact that I am even blogging against my own gender proves how wrong I feel this is. 'This' being us women smearing camel shit all over the notion of motherhood and motherliness.
          Forget breastfeeding campaigns. Teach the women how to BE women and not vile ar** wipes, for our educated women of today have forgotten the basic cave-men era lessons of loving and nurturing.
          I know the post is full of rantings and negative emotions. My apologies, but I had to get these feelings into a semblance of order. I don't function well with pent up chaotic anger, but expressed 'controlled' fury like this is more manageable :)

"God is in the face of a child "
My mum told me this once when my nephew was born. I couldn't agree with her more. 

Looking forward to more drool faces and pouty small round faces, because I think CHILDREN are the better half of the population. 

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rainfield61 said...

Oh, you might be waking up in a wrong day.

Loshini said...

Maybe i clicked on the wrong news link on :P That's what got me all worked up... sort of :)

Loshini said...

erm no 'on' after 'link' but am sure you got that :)

Cerok Tokun looks nice..

Kirigalpoththa said...

Not a happy post but a good one!

Me-shak said...

I totally agree! People just don't get it, do they!

Excellent post, loved it. I din't know babies feel fear, well now i know but i didn't know earlier=P

Children are the better half!

Chavie said...

Good post. I really agree with you. But having parents who would bite the bullet for us, it's hard to imagine how some people are such awful abusive parents, isn't it? And here, you hear reports of child abuse and infanticide almost every other day, and it sickens me. We better find a solution to this problem, or the most vulnerable segment of our society will end up paying for our negligence... :(

On a completely different note: There's a cake on your profile! Was it your birthday recently? :D

reanaclaire said...

hi..greetings to u.. nice post to make us aware of what we humans can do....
written in Bible.. God will take care of children, His kingdom of heaven belongs to them...

Loshini said...

Thanks :)

I'm glad you agree with me. And yeah, kids learn negative emotions early, that'v why they need to be brought up in a secure environment.. :)

Yeah, we get the same at home too. And thank God for decent parents :D

Haha.. nope not my bday. That was from 4 yrs back, my first bday cake on campus :)

Hi :) Yeah, I read that once too during my chapel-going days in school.. But I sure hope that people will look after children too! :)

Thanks for dropping by!

doc said...

most mothers are angels in their own right. the current generation...hmm....i'm not sure, but it seems more of these unsavoury events are being reported.

BUT that surely won't deter women from motherhood, including your good self??

Loshini said...

Yep, doc. Most mums are angels but the number of not-so-angelic mums are on the rise as well. I find that distressing.

I suppose that if a woman's meant for motherhood then crap like this won't be able to deter her from it. Who knows, it might spur the fairer sex into becoming even more awesome mums.. Contradictory much? :)