Monday, March 01, 2010

Pieces of Home

Before you begin, let me tell you that none of this is my work, except the little narrations  :) 

Dodol durian, pengat durian, durian ice-cream, deep fried durian. Malaysians like all other south East Asians adore this thorny fruit. Many thanks to my old friend, Norma Noordin for letting me use her picture.


Another picture by Norma. Don't ask me why I like this picture, I just do. It's like an expression of a feeling surging up from deep down inside.  I like the mossy-slippery-ness that one can almost feel just by staring at the picture long enough :) And it reminds me of home :D

This was taken by one of my best friends, Anna Nishiuchi and it was taken outside of the Pejabat Kastam Melaka of all places. I like the rainbow sky because it's like paddle pop icecream and it's also a part of my tribute to light. Also, the day that preceeded this photo is special because the crazy Jap came all the way back to visit us in Malaysia. Her excuse was that she needed to find herself, but I think she secretly just missed us :) I'm glad she made that trip, and hope someday, we make the trip back to see her in the land of the rising sun, because I secretly miss her too.

Nature's important to me, but I'm more of a words person versus photos and words can be very limiting when describing beauty, not to mention eye-glazing, yawn-provoking and sleep-inducing! :p

Anyway, I don't own a camera and my camera phone has a 1.2 pixel quality. Did I just hear someone gasp in horror? :P Haha, yeah well...I'm probably the only urbanite under 30 who is tech-challenged. Unbelievable, na? ;)

Those three pictures I posted come from two friends, both tree-hugging weirdos like me :) so, thank you, Anna and Norma for these pieces of home

P/s: To all and sundry, go get a paddle pop ice cream NOW! It's the epitome of bliss on a hot weekend afternoon. And no, I don't secretly work for that Australian food company :)


rainfield61 said...

It is really unbelievable!! and I cannot imagine what 1.2mega pixel can produce, but you have the power of words.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I think you have given new life to those pictures with your words!

Cool pictures and I like the last one a lot!

Chavie said...

The last picture is beautiful! :D Hey, the pixel count doesn't really matter, I started taking digital photos with a 1 MP camera, if you'd believe me! :D lol

btw, I LOOOOOOVE durian too! :D

Loshini said...

haha...if i figure out how to infrared it to my laptop, i'll upload one of my phone camera pics to my blog for you to see :D

thank you :) on behalf of anna as well!

oh, my bad. durians are loved by Asians, not only south east asians :D and 1 MP? makes me feel a tiny bit better :P

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I loved the first picture the most :)

Loshini said...

thank you :) from norma as well though i have yet to pass on the compliment :D