Saturday, March 27, 2010

Conditional Love ;)...Earth Hour Reminder

I assure you I am not becoming all sentimental suddenly, I just think this is cute... and also because unconditional love is so rare, I just wanna remind you guys that we still have conditional love to fall back on - as a sort of back up if you will, and that it aint half bad :)
Conditional Love – Girl’s Take
Don't judge me by the pretty dress I wore, 
or that line of blue over the mascaraed eye
Don't remember my poise and gait, 
nor the giggle as you walked me to my door

Think instead of when we fought, 
my face scary and scrunched up in anger
Remember the green of spinach between my teeth, 
and how when we yawned, I yawned louder.

If you can think of me sitting in my PJs, 
hair not combed (and chewed nails to boot) 
and not have to suppress a shudder;
If you don't close your ears when I sing in the shower,
But care enough when I don’t always do what’s right, 
I might just have to give you more than my number

Conditional Love – Guy’s Take
When I say I’m tired, I need a break
It usually means time with the guys,
Don’t get angry and throw a crazy fit,
Loving me was never meant to be a piece of cake.

If I’m glued to the PC, on WoW or DOTA,
Or even if I’m just being a tech freak’s freak,
Please, don’t ask me to do the dishes or laundry

Feed me, clothe me and mother me a bit
Don’t however treat me like a kid

I don’t mind driving you to the grocery store,
But let us get this one thing clear:
When you say you’ll only be a minute and nothing more
I won’t bother to look for proper parking,
And trust me, I’d rather wait in the car

I love my car, my cell, sports, fast food and TV,
And don’t mock my skills with a wrench and hammer,
I assure you I also know my way
around a broom, mop and vacuum cleaner,
But most of the time I think ‘Why bother’!

I too can commit and that know you know
But don’t expect a helpless romantic
Or my pals will kill me, baby, I’ll be a social goner.

I thought women were 
sed to be the one
s with the word power and more complaint
s? Who would have thought, eh? ;) Though the girl doe
s do a better job at rhyming :D

so wanted to remind you guy
s that today we've got Earth Hour happening, and regardle
s if your area i
s participating or not, each of u
s can do our part
s by 
switching unnece
sary electrical appliance
s during thi
s time to cut carbon emi
s. If you'd like that i
s :) Heaven know
s my laptop could do with a break and maybe during thi
s time I can get 
some much needed 
shut eye!


Chavie said...

wow, guy's got a lot of legitimate complaints, I'd say! ;) Loved the bit about DotA and how being a hopeless romantic = being a social goner, sooo true! :D

rainfield61 said...

i am a hopeless man, non-romantic at all, or always need a reminder.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Very balanced post :D

Loshini said...

Legitimate complaints, huh? Well, yeah... maybe..wuteva! *muttering under my breath* ;)

Haha..but if guys suddenly became super romantic we would have nothing to complain about I guess. And about you needing a reminder, judging from your posts, your memory seems to be very good!

I tried putting in stuff from both sides of the relationship :) a bit of yin and a bit of yang.. hehe

Me-shak said...

Yes indeed, I love what ever this song is! awesome stuff!
I was playing pool, and we stopped for earth hour, it was really good!
Lovely post Losh :D

Loshini said...

It was supposed to be a couple of poems, but what the heck,you call it as you see it, k? :) Who knows, I might get my sister to throw in a tune for me since she's the musician in my family ;)

Am glad more ppl are doing the earth hour's the least we can do, right?

Anonymous said...

Giving unconditional love is rare. Not easy but possible :)

Loshini said...

Mei Teng:
Yeah, the rarer it is, the more we seek it :) and that's why i'm 'promoting' conditional love as a not-too-bad alternative ;)