Thursday, May 27, 2010

All About The Footwear

Feet are such interesting things. They judge a woman by the length of her second toe, a man by the breadth of his feet, poems and songs are inspired by the rosy pink feet of newborns. I find the things covering them just as fascinating, don’t you?

Take flip-flops for example. There are flowered, plain, star-bedazzled, smooth, the studded-pokey-type-which-improves-blood-circulation… then there are branded, market-bought, hand-me-downs, ‘borrowed’ from family or friends and so many more. I can almost imagine the character of the person by the flip flops that they wear. Like this:
Fun loving, relaxed, a bit of an order freak. But then again, I know whose feet those belong to!;)

Then there are pretty fits. Flats, heels, clogs, closed shoes, shoes open at the front, pointy toes, rounded toes, Roman sandals, sensible strap-ons, with buckle, bowed and patterned.

I find these pair of flats below pretty and amusing. At one glance I thought “Ah, pretty.” But just when I was going to turn away, the patterned detail caught my eye and I thought “Cool, it’s got attitude as well. Punk attitude!” And that pair of shoes alone almost changed my opinion of the person wearing them.

Football sneakers definitely are worth the mention too. I like the way they mould to the feet and the little studs at the base, giving the person wearing them that much more push off force. I’m not too big into football myself, but I find sneakers with football socks a nice sight. A bit strange, I know!

These were pretty much our standard pair of shoes in first year, when we hadn’t yet realised that in a four-season climate, we have got to have at least 4 pairs of shoes/slippers. Either that or our toes might get frost bite or we’d have sweaty athlete’s foot in warmer weather. Maybe that was a bit too much information? Hehe… sneakers are used pretty much in autumn or only when we go jogging nowadays, but sometimes I still slip into them for there’s nothing much else as comfortable as a pair of old sneakers, now is there?
Go ahead, click on it and read the scribbled message to get a picture of how weird uni life can get over here!

And my most faithful footwear – slippers! Not to be confused with flip-flops which have a bit more dignity, slippers are worn everywhere and may be worn with socks when the central heating has been turned off. Also useful on rainy days and when visiting the wet market.
Yin and Yang? :)

I don’t have a picture of a set of heels, or men’s formal lace up shoes, but they’re definitely on my list of important footwear as well. sWait. You do realise that I don’t actually have a list named ‘Important Footwear’, right? Right. Just thought I should confirm that with you…

Anyway, this is my official 50th post, and I wanted to be all serious, then I thought to hell with it and whipped up this frivolous post on shoes ;) Have a nice day, all!


Me-shak said...

Congradulations on your 50th post. All of em were interesting :D Well about the shoes, not a big fan :P Although love the second and first photos. I assume the first was taken at the beach you mentioned in a post few weeks ago. Any way they say women look sexy in heels and Amen for that!
Looking forward for ore of your posts.

Keep the good work going!

Chavie said...

Congratulations on the 50th Losh! :D

Now, here in the tropics, it's flip flops 365 days of the year! :D I wear the same pair of blue beach flip flops everywhere. They're just so comfortable and I don't really care about what people think when I wear them in public. :D

Loshini said...
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Anonymous said...

losh, which prem's this? and FIFTY? really???


rainfield61 said...

Sikit sikit jadi bukit.

Just like the number of post, our age will reach this number very soon.


Kirigalpoththa said...

congrats on your 50th post..keep it up!

Loshini said...

Thank you. You're right bout the 1st 2 shots, and *sigh* another lost cause when it comes to shoes. lol!

Thanks. Blue flip-flops? Nice :D When i get home it's sandals everywhere! Well, almost :P

steven Prem!;)And, haha... yeah, FIFTY

Pepatah Melayu. Nice one ;) As for age, i'm almost halfway there! :P

Thank you. Working on it :)

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Very interesting post Loshini! But, I have to say that you are indeed right. It is a science in itself.

Anonymous said...

Nicely pedicured feet!:)

I like flip flops or sandals with bling blings. Makes the feet look pretty...especially after a pedicure.

Loshini said...

Erm, was that sarcasm? :P Thanks for dropping by!

Mei Teng:
Lol! I'll pass the compliment on to my 'foot model' :)
And likewise in footwear choice :D