Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dates and Celebrations

I used to have a little piece of paper in my sizable clutch on which I would scribble important dates, mostly birthdays and anniversaries. I haven’t updated that scrap in sometime because:
1.     1. I somehow always forget to write down the dates
2.     2. I depend ever more on my phone reminders and calendar with cute little cake icons in the corner
3.     3. Facebook’s all I need to remember birthdays – the reminders, the recent comments and shoutouts on the  
           home page
4.     4. Friends and family who blog usually give me a heads up about upcoming important dates
5.     5. My memory has been pretty good to date *touch wood*

Unfortunately, as grouchy as I can get, my social circle’s expanding and as much as I’d like to deny it, I’m getting older and you know what they say about women: once we hit the midtwenties, our hips grow inversely to our memory power i.e. the hips whooooossshhh outward and memory capacity pretty much hits rock bottom. I’m going to need a proper organizer sometime – that sometime is probably not too far off I suspect – because I just forgot a loved ones’ birthday. I know. Evil.

Wonderful. Now I can look forward to getting hippy. Not hippie. But am still banking on my genes and hoping that senility and portliness don’t get to me. Ever. Yes, I’m in denial of the potential future. It happens.

Denial --> Anger --> Bargaining --> Depression --> Acceptance

The above is the stages of death. Death of my once-exceptional memory and never-before-this wide hips. And I’m only at denial. It’s gonna be a LOOONNNNGGG road before I stop harping on this. My dwindling cognitive abilities and possible future weight issues. Still nonexistent for now. I think :S

Oh yeah. Happy Mothers’ Day by the way. This is one of the few celebrations that make sense to me, because where would we be without our mothers? 

A kink in the clouds lets the sun through
The same skies that smile upon you too
The murky greys always seem more blue
Every time I get to talk to you, it's true...

The cursive writing on that shiny paper
Filled my heart with joy, eyes with water,
A note from beyond made my day brighter.
For as much as we argue and bicker,
And think each other impossible in anger,
Nobody else knows me better.

I love you and miss you, Amma. Happy Mothers' Day!! To Pi and Vans too, of course :) 

"God could not be everywhere at once, and so He made mothers" 

I've always liked that quote....and so I'm quoting it! :D


rainfield61 said...

By the way, you still remember this Mother'Day. Though in midtwenties, your memory has not faded yet.

Me-shak said...

it's really true when they say, "No love goes than mothers love" :D
Love the poem. I suggest you buy a those new high tech gadgets where you can enter all those stuff. :D or use facebook :D
lovely post!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Lovely poem!

Loshini said...

Thank God for that, huh? :)

Hehe... yeah. Need to balance the budget first, but till then i can always depend on Facebook!

Thank you

Chavie said...

Love the poem. Well, I guess they forget a lot because they have a lot of things to remember, and a lot of things depend on them right? :D

I think one of those organizers that come with a calendar would do the trick. These low tech things are much more reliable than those evil gadgets, as my computer would tell you! lol ;)

Loshini said...

Thank you. A lot depend on us huh?

hehe... yeah, i'm kind of a low tech person myself.. we'll have to see i guess!