Thursday, May 13, 2010

Victory Day Weekend

We had a long awaited 3-day weekend. It happened to coincide with Mothers' Day :)... seeing as how the weather was becoming warmer, we hired a marshutka  and went down to Saki Beach, about 30 minutes away from Evpatoria which I mentioned here and here.

We had good food : satay, chicken, kuah kacang, sandwiches, drinks to quench our thirst... The beach was very near the railway tracks but I suspect it may be abandoned because in our 6 hours there we neither saw nor heard a single train, but the spot made for a memorable picture for us girls :) I'll leave us all unnamed for the sake of anonymity, yeah?

The water was too cold to swim in intially but we did that running away from the waves thing that we urbanites are so fond of. The water was beautiful, the little pebbles underfoot were pokey and prickly...
I've never seen such GREEN waters in person before. All other seasides I've been to have been blue. I like the greenness though... :D
A beach wouldn't be a beach without flip-flops and grainy sand. 

We had it all - the food, the beach, the sand, salty water and good company. Will definitely post more pictures soon, Saki Beach deserves more than one blogpost!!


Anonymous said...

so much for your complaints of not enough you-time!

i wan more updates. pronto!


rainfield61 said...

All the fairies were there.

Me-shak said...

Oh Wow, I'm so happy you found some time to head down to the beach :D especially with some friends :) Love the Idea of flip flops and chicken and sandwiches :) Would have been heaven. Love the photos also :)

Loshini said...

Yeah, I got my me-time :) Will update you soon-ish! :P

Nope, but some of them saw jelly fish and there was a lifegurad house that looked very archaic and nice :D

Haha.. having it is better than the idea itself :) And yeah, it was really good to unwind

Thanks all. Have a nice day!

Kirigalpoththa said...

The water is quite greenish...wonder why?

Loshini said...
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Loshini said...

I'm not too sure, but the way we learnt it in school it's either green when it's dirty or when there's a coral reef around.

I'm seriously hoping it isn't the former O_o hehe..

Gadgetgirl said...

aww pics are keyooot.
i miss malaysia. sniff

Loshini said...

Good to hear from you :) You've been to Msia? Really???

Actually, these snaps were taken in the Crimea, where i am right now :)