Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too Close At Arm's Length

If your head is right above mine,
Then you’re standing too close to me,
If your hand is almost touching mine,
You’re there again, too close to me,
It makes me squirm, thoughts in my mind,
Would spell out something really fine,
They’d say: Back out of my face and let me be,
Because I hate the way you make me feel.
The look in your eyes makes my innards squeal,
A silent protest when your presence violates me.
Stay away, and do keep a safe distance;
You disgust me, for you I would not give a pittance!
I know your type, all charming and leery,
And I don’t have the time to be cheery,
Stay away and do keep a safe distance,
You make me sick, like a rabid dog all flea bitten. 

I realise the language in this is a bit harsh, but I’m not gonna make excuses coz I’ve written it almost
exactly like I felt it, perhaps I even made it a little milder…:l

And I know my posts have been somewhat dark. I’m working on getting my inner sunshine back, but till
then, please, bear with me, aite? :)


Vishal Raj said...

Never mind Loshini. After all its your blog and you are free to express yourself in any and everyway you feel comfortable. You are not supposed to worry about others while expressing your feelings. After all if you alter your feelings they are no more real and make no sense, not even to you. So keep your writings in their original color and mood.

Loshini said...

Thanks! :)
Agreed, but i usually try to minimise negative emotions for my own peace of mind too.. hehe

And yup. My work usually reflects my mood almost accurately!

Good to hear from you