Friday, May 14, 2010

Accusations: Bring Them On!

I’m a feminist
I am? Really? A friend pointed out that in almost every story that I write, the main protagonists are female.
I objected - naturally. I pointed out that in the book-cover-thing, the boss’ personality was as important as Mrs. H’s personal life; in ‘Moving On’ A was a very important character that I probably didn’t develop enough; Kach had to be a woman because women were better with secrets and more easily confused by their emotions and family; and Khai had to be the main character because that’s how I heard the story.
Also, if my friend had read the posts on ‘Conditional Love’ and ‘Children’, my attempts at being impartial and my ability to admit the weakness of my own gender should work in favour of my objections, no?
But, maybe, just maybe, I am a feminist deep down inside. I’m a woman after all and coming from my family, I realise how much it means to accept a person for who they are, even if it’s just a girl proud of being a member of the fairer sex.
Confusing? I think I’m trying to say that I might be a feminist, but I’m not an extreme one, not to the extent of thinking 6-feet-tall women should rule the world at least… :D

I linger too much on the past
My label ‘Orchard of Memories’ has a surprising number of ? posts. I actually failed to notice that!
I’m not too sure, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say that that could be because I believe in this:
“The past and the people we meet along the way make us who we are and possibly affect what we’ll become in future, and I like to jot it down so that I might figure out what makes me tick inside”
Everyone and everything deserves due recognition. So yeah, I’m not going to refute this claim :P

I never blog on politics
True, what can I say… I usually don’t express things I don’t have faith in. That includes: politics, extraterrestrial life, the Lochness monster and flying pigs. Go figure.

I am commitment-phobic
Apparently they arrived at this conclusion because my label for some of my posts says ‘Commitment?’ with a question mark… Ooohhhkkkaaayyy
It isn’t that I question commitment, all right? It’s supposed to be taken with a dose of humour, people. Chillex, la!
I’m all pro-marriage like I pointed out bluntly in this, but yeah I doubt everlasting love and undying devotion unless it’s to a higher power i.e. scary mothers, frowning dads, cooing babies, crazy siblings and the Big Guy Up There who watches over us all :)
Relationships are fine by me, but excuse me if I seem cynical when a guy/girl professes love on the second date. I think you should make sure you’ve heard the other fart, go all ape sh*t over insignificant matters and do all the other normal human things before you decide the sun shines out of their ars*s… A bit old-school perhaps? :P

I write a lot on other people. Why, thank you! That’s why it’s called ‘Connections’, because I’m trying to connect the dots between us all. Bridging the gap, breaking the ice, reaching out… that sorta thing!
This post and a number of others are dedicated exclusively to muah. So, this accusation, while being sweet to my ears, is not entirely true :)

I rarely use names
Most perceptive. I think that when I use a name, people get a certain image of the person. Imagine if my hero was named:

Aaron – you might picture a tall blonde guy with braces riding a bicycle or a Jew complete with tall black hat and beard
Joginder – you’re probably thinking of a tall Punjabi guy with a purple turban, doing the ‘light bulb move’ to a Bangra remix

When I do use names, like Khadijah, it’s to show something. In Khadijah’s case it’s a classic Muslim name reflecting her traditional upbringing.
Since I write based on real life experience mostly, the lack of full names also offer a level of anonymity to my subject(s?) of interest at that given time.

My font is usually small and I love colours, I love words
Completely true! :)

I ‘see’ God in waaayyy too many things
            The night got late, and talk turned philosophical. My concept of seeing God in water, children and mothers made for a long, rambling conversation with another friend. But honestly, I find the simple things like human bonds and nature the best way to appreciate a higher power, and if I can’t be honest in my own blog, where my worldly identity is pretty much shrouded in shadows, then why blog, right? Blogging’s meant to express what I feel and think and believe after all!:P
            Wait, what if I have ‘God complex’? O_o
Err… I’ll save that question for another day – not a path I’m willing to tread right now!

All in all I never thought the way I blog could be analysed to this detail, but I’m thankful for the external scrutiny. Perhaps it’ll give me a fresh insight to who I am. Even if it doesn’t, it did generate yet another winding post from me anyways… A post not quite on par with an episode of the Myth Busters, which I find good fun incidentally…  ;)


Me-shak said...

So being a feminist is wrong? May be may be not. I mean your side needs some support. I didn't realize it ti;; you pointed it out and your friend seems to have a point :D But it's not a bad thing. I think your posts are extremely interesting and, honest.


rainfield61 said...

That’s why it’s called ‘Connections’, because I’m trying to connect the dots between the nature and us.

Gadgetgirl said...

"women were better with secrets" its a woman thing. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't blog on politics too. Enuff of those politicking stuff.

Loshini said...

Aaw... gee. thank you..!

:) Yeah, that's your blog.. nature and us


Mei Teng:
true, true

Chavie said...

Never noticed many of these things until you put them in this post. Except maybe the colourful fonts, which I quite enjoy! :D

Loshini said...

Hehe... me neither till they pointed it out. And about the colours... i'm glad there are people who appreciate my psychedelic tendencies! :P